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1. All labor, materials, equipment, supervision, insurance, and labor taxes will be the responsibility of and furnished by Sugar Hill Outdoors.

2. The quoted contract price shall be valid for 60 days from date of proposal.

3. Sugar Hill Outdoors will not be liable for loss or damage to plant material caused by persons not employed by our company or by
extreme acts of nature including but not limited to fire, flood, hurricane or tornado.

4. Interruptions in work caused by nature, strikes or other that are beyond our control will not constitute grounds for delay or deduction of set

5. Our typical work schedule is from Monday through Friday of each week, therefore, Saturdays are classified as overtime and may be
billed as such. However, this day may be used as a makeup day for any inclement weather incurred throughout the week without
adversely affecting the proposal amount.

6. Contractor will be responsible for proper instruction of all safety measures to their personnel. All work equipment and supplies in
performance of these specifications will be subject to inspection at any and all times.

7. The schedule of work hours for the accomplishment of our work will in no way interfere with your normal routine or schedule unless
previously agreed upon with owner’s permission.

8. Any alterations or deviation from the specifications quoted involving extra costs will be executed only upon
written permission and will become an additional charge to the proposed cost.


All hardscape and irrigation installations are warranted for a period of one year against defects in craftsmanship.

Upon installation, all plant material is under a limited warranty for three months only if the plant material is irrigated by an in-ground
sprinkler system installed or modified by Sugar Hill Outdoors and operated by a functioning digital controller. Plant material that dies
within this period must undergo inspection so that the loss may be determined. If it is determined that the plant material has died
due to mechanical damage, acts of nature, owner neglect or improper watering; our warranty is void. Warranted plant material will
be replaced only once at the end of the 12month period from the date of installation. Replacement plant material carries no
warranty. Plant material will not be warranted in the event of a government enacted water ban. Germination of seed is not under

All sod is guaranteed to be in good physical condition upon installation. Watering & proper maintenance of all plant and sod
material is the responsibility of owner.

Transplanted Plant Material. While all proper horticultural practices will be used, Sugar Hill Outdoors does not provide a warranty
for transplanted material(s).

10. Sugar Hill Outdoors will not be liable for damage to any utilities not covered and marked by the Utilities Protection Center. These may
include, but are not limited to, irrigation lines, low voltage lighting, drain pipe, and sewer and septic lines.

11. Sugar Hill Outdoors will not be liable for damage to flatwork (i.e. concrete or asphalt driveways and sidewalks) as a result of
machinery or vehicles necessary for the completion of the job driving over the flatwork.

11. Sugar Hill Outdoors will perform all normal excavation work on the owner’s property. Unusual subsurface conditions, such as trees,
boulders, piping, cesspools, gravel, high water table requiring pumping, rock or soil conditions requiring blasting or air tool work are not
included in this contract and will be removed only upon written approval by the owner at cost plus 15%.

12. Sugar Hill Outdoors requires a fifty percent (50%) deposit with the remaining balance due upon completion. If the remaining balance is
not received within thirty (30) days after the invoice date, a service charge of five percent (5%) ($50.00 minimum) will be assessed. If the
Client fails to pay as required under this Agreement within sixty (60) days after invoice date, Sugar Hill Outdoors shall make written
demand by certified mail. Should Client fail to make full payment of all amounts due within ten (10) days after receipt of such written
notice, Sugar Hill Outdoors shall be entitled to recover the balance, plus ten percent (10%) simple interest from date of receipt of the
certified demand letter. Sugar Hill Outdoors also shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in collecting this debt.

13. Please contact [email protected] 770-326-6115 for payment of deposit after signing contract or mail deposit
check to 710 Dacula Rd, Suite 4a box 183, Dacula, Ga. 30019 There will be an additional 4% handling fee for Credit Card
payments .

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